Project Management

Project Management

Project Management for Business
& Office Relocation

Turn-Key Planning & Implementation

At Clancy‐Cullen we know that no two projects are alike. We are committed to handling the unique challenges, special needs and requirements of your firm.

We help companies both large and small, manage their corporate moves and minimize any potential disruption to their businesses. Our firm assumes responsibility for the full scope of planning and executing the move, allowing you to focus on your business priorities and day‐to-day operations.


Our Services

Our services include:

• Move Planning & Implementation
• Budgeting and Cost Projection
• Ergonomic Space Planning
• Precision Scheduling & Timing

We carry out our work with full transparency, keeping you updated and engaged with progress reports throughout the phases of completion.

Custom Flexibility

We customize the strategy and execution of the move to your firm’s special needs with maximum flexibility. Given our logistical expertise and capabilities, we work to accommodate your hours of operation, access needs and any additional requirements. We specialize in “office virtualization,” which allows your employees to remain as productive as possible during your office relocation or rebuilding process, thereby minimizing disruption and impact to your bottom line.


We plan for the unexpected and mitigate risks to ensure the safety and security of your assets. Each project is valuated and insured by both our carrier and our reputation.