Electronics Transport & Logistics

From Desk-Tech to High-Tech

PC Disconnect, Data Center & Medical Equipment

Are you willing to risk the heart of your business to anyone but Clancy-Cullen?

Fifty Years ago, the first Super-Computers were as heavy as Cadillacs and as sensitive as a Faberge’ Egg. New York called on Clancy-Cullen to move these mighty machines up into 70-story buildings, moving the City into the future. New York’s businesses led the world in Telecom and Technology. Today, the Data Centers, the Wall Street Trading Floors, the Movie Studios, the Shows and the Lights of Time-Square still demand the latest, most sophisticated and robust data processing, systems control, and projection and display electronics.

With even more sensitive equipment, New York’s World-Leading Hospitals regularly see our specially trained and equipped Clancy-Cullen Tech-Teams safely deploying Magnetic Imaging, X-Ray, and Sonography equipment; Critical Monitoring and Medication Dispensing devices, and the most sophisticated Radio-Therapy and Radio-Surgery systems.

Each of these Highly Sensitive and Highly Valuable systems needs to move through some of the most challenging spaces imaginable – through 100 year old tunnels many city-blocks long, across catwalks high in a towering sky-scraper, and maybe even more challenging, across busy New York City sidewalks crowded with frantic, speed-texting urbanites and wayward, map-carrying, out of town tourists, walking along with their heads tilted skyward to catch the view.


  • Disconnect-Reconnect
  • Desk/Cable Mapping
  • PCs/Macs, Peripherals, IP Phones, Printers
  • Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment
  • Recycling and Destruction

Communications Displays, Projection and Multi-Media

  • Distribution and Consolidation
  • First and Final Mile Shuttle
  • Air-Ride Transport
  • Rigging and Material Handling
  • Installation and Mounting
  • Anti-Static Prep

Data Center

  • Anti-Static Prep and Packing
  • Air-Ride Transport
  • Climate-Control Storage and Trucking
  • Rack Mount/Dismounting
  • Enclosure Lift-Handling
  • Hard and Soft Crating

Medical Arts and Research

  • Lab Packing and Moving
  • Cryogenics Logistics/Transport
  • Air-Ride Shuttle Services
  • Anti-Static Prep and Packing
  • Hard and Soft Crating
  • Rigging
  • Distribution and Consolidation